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A View from You

A View from You

This story began as a love letter written to my husband when he went off to college and turned into a children’s story about seeing things from someone else’s viewpoint. After 9/11 I redrew the story that I had written so long before, using the faces of many different children to illustrate our need to understand and know each other, to take a walk in another’s shoes.

8″x10″; 50 pages; softcover; $15 +SH available from 9″x11.5″; 50 pages; hardcover; $30 +SH available from KaVoooM
The Best Secret Ever

The Best Secret Ever

It’s Halloween. The sitter isn’t paying much attention. Two children wander off towards a place they’ve never been before. “We were sure she’d not believe us if we told her all we knew. It was the best secret ever and she didn’t have a clue.”

9″x11″; 36 pages; hardcover; $25 + SH available from KaVoooM  
My Town

My Town ~ Yellow Springs Ohio: The Muses of a Not So Vocal Local

This book is a memoir and a piece of my heart. It is a compilation of all the images I have created using my small town as a backdrop. The text is my personal tour through the town, including some history, as I know it, with a few of my own particular characters and a bit of my own peculiar humor. If you love small towns, I think you will enjoy this book.

9″x11.5″; 70 pages; hardcover; $30 +SH available from KaVoooM
Calico Kittens

Calico Kittens

This story is about the quilt on my daughter’s bed on the day she left for college. I created the images in 3-D collage using leftover fabric from the original quilt. Other bits and pieces were used to recreate her old room. A sewing pattern for a kitten was given to me long ago, scribbled on a piece of paper. Over the years I have revised and shaped it into my Calico Kitten. I have sewn many a Calico Kitten for many a child to love.

8″x10″; 30 pages; softcover; $13 +SH available from
The Twelve Days of Corgi

The Twelve Days of Corgi

In this take off on the old holiday song, Corgis multiply with each consecutive day leading up to Christmas. From A Corgi beneath a bare tree, to two stubby nubs, the fun just keeps building.

8×8″; 28 pages; hardcover; $20 + SH available from KaVoooM
Six Small Rabbits

Six small Rabbits

This is a children’s picture book about a group of friends who decide to explore and manage to GROW to meet the challenge.

8″x10″; 28 pages; softcover; $13 +SH available from
You Have To Get All of Your Toes In

You Have to Get All of Your Toes In

Professor Rodney Raccoon takes the stage and shares his extensive knowledge on the subject of Shoes and Socks. You can laugh along with your child at the antics of Rodney and his pal, the blue footed booby, who blunder their way through an attempt to give a serious presentation.

8″x10″; 42 pages; hardcover; $15 +SH available from
The Glad Season by Suzanne Clauser

The Glad Season: The True Story of George and Sam … and Henry

Written by Suzanne Clauser Illustrated by Kathy Verner Moulton

5.2″x7.2″; $7.60 +SH available from
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