Viewing the Galleries

Viewing the Galleries

The KaVooom website contains a lot of wonderful artwork. 

To help you see everything you’d like to see, I’ve organized the artwork into Galleries. The Galleries are designed to allow for the best viewing whether you are using a desktop computer or a mobile device, such as a tablet or a phone. If you mouseover the “galleries” menu (or tap on it on a mobile device), you will see links to all of them.  

Viewing Galleries on a Mobile Device

Let’s say you are scrolling through a Gallery on your phone or tablet — the Corgi Gallery, for example — and you come across the image “Ellie on the Third Floor,” which piques your interest. The images on the Gallery pages are thumbnails — they are really wonderful thumbnails that give you a great idea of what the actual piece of art will look like — but you want to see the entire image. To do so, you simply tap the image and you will be taken to the page shown in image 1. See the little arrows next to the image? Tapping on those will take you to the next full-size image in the same gallery. (On a tablet, the arrows may appear closer to the bottom of the page.) If you prefer, you may simply return to the previous page and continue scrolling through the entire gallery of thumbnails.

Using the phone
Viewing on phone sideways

Don’t forget that, for horizontal images like this one, you can turn your device to a horizontal view to see it larger, if you’d like. See image 2.

Viewing Galleries on Your Desktop Computer

When you open a Gallery page on your desktop computer, you will see a grid of beautiful thumbnails. If you’d like to quickly see the full version of every piece of art in that Gallery, you may select the Zoom button that appears when you mouseover a thumbnail. (See image 3 below.) The full-size image of the artwork pops out (see image 4 below), and you may use either the arrows on that popout or the arrows on your keyboard to quickly move through every image in the Gallery.

Desktop Gallery Snippet
Gallery Zoom Popout

If you click the NAME of the art (“They Croon with Balloons” in image #3 above), you will be taken to a page with a large view of the artwork, along with brief commentary by the artist. (Scroll down to below the artwork to read the commentary.)

When an entire image doesn’t fit on your screen…

My art comes in quite a variety of sizes! Some are very tall, some are extra wide. Depending on which piece of art you are viewing and what type of screen you are viewing it on, you may find you cannot see the entire piece of art. Whenever you want to see the entire piece, but find that it isn’t fitting, simply click on the art (desktop computers) or tap with your finger (mobile devices), the art will pop out, automatically fitting whatever screen you are using. In some cases (for example on a phone screen) using this capability means that you can see a slightly larger version of the art. 

For example…

Right now, I am viewing the sight on my laptop. I’ve decided to click the title “Vocal Locals” from the “My Town” Gallery. On this particular screen, I can see only the top part of the art. 

Vocal Locals on Laptop

If I scroll down, I can read the author commentary:

Vocal Locals Bottom Half of Screen

And if I’d like to see the entire work of art, I can simply click on it and a full-image version pops out:

Vocal Locals Popout

I hope you enjoy visiting my galleries. Play around. Have fun! My art is all about the joy of living!