My work is organized around various themes.To view the different galleries, click on the theme name below or use the drop-down menu above. 

My World

In this series my characters leave their comfort zones and travel around Ohio, the United States and even the World.


We have 2 Corgis, Jasper and Miss Molly. Encouraged by my brother-in-law, we brought them into our lives, and they have brought nothing but joy.


Most of my designs depict animals doing people-like things. In this category you will find anything from a mail carrier kangaroo, to a frog driving a car or a lion playing the Mighty Wurlitzer.


I have created Christmas and Holiday cards for my family and for my Mom for many years. Some of them are quite personal but I think they are universal too.


In these images I have taken well-known paintings and replaced the original characters with my characters.


These designs depict animals doing more what you expect animals to do. Lions hang around in fig trees and gorillas tend to their young in the jungle.


It has always been fun to come up with cards to send to my children and grandchildren who bring so much love into my life.

Latest Works

I set aside this gallery for the pieces I have most recently created so you can see what I have been up to lately. I will try to keep it filled with new delights.

Custom Work

I have had the honor at times to create a piece for a specific person or event. Coming up with my version of their idea is like solving a puzzle. When I find that certain mind-bridge with another person, a shared understanding, the drawing begins to flow, and it is truly fun. Then, if my work brings a smile, it is heaven.


My Town

I have lived in Yellow Springs since 1972 quietly working on art, only peeking a head out now and then. But I love the locals, the vocals and that this town strives to embrace everyone. In my coloring book, children’s-story-loving mind, I dreamed up the series “My Town.” The diversity among my characters represents the diversity Yellow Springs longs for and the colors of my canvas represent the beauty that I see. ~ Please note: no animals were injured in the making of this art.